Learn about State of New York Mortgage Agency Bonds, including The Team.

About State of New York Mortgage Agency Bonds

Since 1970, The State of New York Mortgage Agency has been providing financing and programs designed for first-time low- and moderate-income homebuyers in New York State.

SONYMA partners with approved participating mortgage lenders across the state to offer 30-year, competitive, fixed-rate mortgages with special features to help low and moderate income New Yorkers become homeowners. SONYMA mortgages are available to qualified buyers to purchase single-family homes, homes with two to four units, co-ops, and condominiums.

To learn more about SONYMA and its program at hcr.ny.gov/sonyma

The Team

James McIntyre

Director of Capital Markets

(212) 872-0556


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Miulina Ng

Vice President Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0582


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George Chen

Associate Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0661


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Daniel Chou

Analyst Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0556


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Paramjot Kaur

Analyst Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0656


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