Learn about NYS Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation Bonds, including The Team.

About NYS Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation Bonds

The Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation (TSFC) is a public benefit corporation of the State of New York. It was created to purchase all or a portion of New York State's share of the Tobacco Settlement Revenues.

The Team

Thehbia Hiwot

Senior Vice President of Multifamily Finance and Development

(212) 872-0314


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Mark Price

Director of Capital Markets/Vice President of Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0530


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Miulina Ng

Vice President Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0582


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Paramjot Kaur

Associate Debt Issuance

(212) 872-0656


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Nathaniel Okoroji

Analyst Debt Issuance

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